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Shades of Gray in Kitchen Remodeling Design

Charlotte kitchen remodeling When it comes to kitchen remodeling projects, gray is definitely the new white. This classic neutral that recently has seen a huge uptick in popularity as both a wall color and upholstery option in custom home design has finally made its way into designer kitchens. One reason for the popularity of gray in kitchen remodels is its sophisticated feel. Gray simply looks elegant in just about any kitchen setting – whether traditional, contemporary or somewhere in between. Add a gray finish to a hardwood floor and you elevate it far above basic. Place the color on kitchen cabinets for an elegant look, or pop it into a backsplash ... Continue reading this article →

Mix it Up! Surface News for ...

Kitchen remodeling and renovations in Charlotte, NC

Few items set the tone for your kitchen remodeling project like the countertops you choose. Why? Countertops are one of the largest items you will select in the course of a major kitchen remodeling project. They are also one of the first things visitors see and the item that ... Read more of this article →

Shopping for a Home? Don’t...

Charlotte home remodeling and renovations

You’ve finally found a home for sale in that neighborhood you’ve always wanted to live in. It’s close to your job, your children’s schools, your church and all of your favorite haunts.  When ... Read more of this article →

What’s My Role? How Clients Impact Their Projects

Planning a custom built home It’s a dirty little secret that few professional contractors are eager or even willing to address. Yet it’s almost universally true that no matter how honed our skills, how extensive our training, how broad our education, or how substantial our expertise, one of the most important pieces of your home remodeling, home renovation or new home construction project is simply beyond our control - because that vital piece is you! If you begin your project with the right attitude, the correct perspective and with an open mind, you stand a ...

Feeling Stressed? A Kitchen, Bath or Home Office Remodel Can Help!

Feeling Stressed Do you feel your blood pressure start to rise when you struggle to make a conference call in your noisy home office? Does you heart race every time you reach up to pull a heavy, hot casserole dish from your awkward, over-the-range microwave? If so, you’ve experienced something architects, interior designers and doctors understand: physical surroundings impact both our emotional well being and our physical health. How can you improve your family’s outlook? Plan a bathroom remodel, ...

What Does $100 Buy? The True Cost of a Custom-Built Home

What does $100 buyWe recently talked with a family whose desire to build a custom home had taken a turn for the worse. On the surface, they had done everything correctly. They had asked a trusted industry insider for a general idea of cost to build, checked the cost per square foot of the architectural plans they purchased, and even hired a consultant to help them select the right builder. Unfortunately, they also made some all-too-common mistakes, the most critical of which ...