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Enlightened Alternatives

Outdoor fireplace and pool house custom built for Charlotte, NC residentYou see them when you walk through elegant show homes and watch them created on home improvement shows. They can be the elegant centerpieces of your outdoor living area – that place around which everyone gathers. They elevate the look and feel of an outdoor living space and hold a warm place in our hearts when we imagine cuddling near them on cooler autumn evenings. But what exactly is involved in creating an outdoor fireplace, and are they right for you? The first thing homeowners need to understand about a show-stopping outdoor fireplace is that creating one the proper way is a large investment. To do it right, it requires ... Continue reading this article →

A Getaway in Your Home

Sunrooms are the perfect getaway

Sometimes, the large and small stresses of life can seem nearly overwhelming and you need to take a few days to just get away from it all. Maybe you retreat to the beach, where the pounding of the waves seems to wash your cares away. Perhaps you head for the ... Read more of this article →

Ageless Beauty

Ideas for home remodeling from Charlotte's remodeling blog

We’ve all driven through neighborhoods where we looked at the homes and thought, “They look so dated!” We all know dated when we see it - perhaps it’s sagging vinyl siding, cookie-cutter architecture or once-trendy material choices that went out of vogue long ago. But ... Read more of this article →

Bring The Elegance of Christmas Home

Biltmore House Christmas Decorations When you think of the holidays, you may envision time spent with family and friends, wonderful food and festively decorated homes. Here in North Carolina, we are fortunate to have a place that epitomizes the elegance and the wonder of Christmas – Biltmore House. Located in Asheville, N.C., Biltmore House was built by George Vanderbilt and officially opened to receive friends for Christmas Eve in 1895. Every year, Biltmore’s seven full-time floral designers and 14 members of its floral reserve team transform the home and grounds into an unforgettable yuletide vacation destination. Biltmore’s designers will ...

How to Do Up the Holidays

Holiday decorations at Biltmore HouseDo you feel daunted by holiday decorating tasks? Do you peer at a pile of tangled lights and can’t even fathom how you will possibly find the burned-out bulb that’s causing the entire string to flicker? Before you toss the ornaments and buy a pre-decorated tree in a box, take heart. We’ve gathered some great holiday decorating wisdom from experts who can walk you through the process from start to finish. Get coordinated. Your tree and surrounding decorations will be part of your home’s décor throughout the holiday season. To get a cohesive look, consider ...

Check These Items Off Your Holiday Repair List

Check These Items Off Your Holiday Repair ListWe all have lists of items that we need to get done for the holidays, from buying and wrapping gifts to baking cookies and sending cards. In the midst of the holiday rush, don’t neglect to do some basic repairs – or call in a trusted company experienced with home repairs – before the weather turns colder and company arrives at your door. Here are a few things you might want to cross off your list before the holiday ...