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How Much Is That REALLY? A Guide to Remodeling Time and Cost in Charlotte

Palmer's Saves You Time And Money on Your Renovatioins   We’ve all seen the made-for-television shows that claim they can pretty much rebuild your home from the ground up while you’re out to lunch on a $100 budget. What many viewers don’t understand is that these shows are just that – made for television. They don’t show the weeks of planning, the time devoted to ordering products and then waiting for their arrival, or often delayed inspections. They don’t mention the hours of donated labor, free materials and the hundreds of workers that actually complete these televised projects. In real life, what should you realistically expect to spend and how long will it take to complete your ... Continue reading this article →

Simplify Your Custom Home, R...

Custom Homes and Renovations

One of the least-kept secrets in building a new custom home, tackling a long awaited kitchen or owners’ suite remodeling project, or embarking on an addition is that there are countless decisions to make. From the flooring materials to the ceiling trim and all the fixtures and finishes in between, ... Read more of this article →

What Would You Do Differentl...

What Would You Do Differently

It’s been said that learning from experience is smart, but learning from the experience of others is wisdom. Often as people live in their homes, they inevitably realize ... Read more of this article →

Water-Wise Choices for Your Kitchen or Bathroom Remodel

Water-Wise Choices for Your Kitchen or Bathroom RemodelWhen it’s time to select a faucet or plumbing fixture for your kitchen or bathroom remodeling project, master bathroom renovation or new custom built home, make certain that it makes sense – WaterSense that is. WaterSense is a program pioneered by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency in 2006 to encourage manufacturing innovations that promote water efficiency. Products and services that earn the WaterSense label have been certified to be at least 20% more efficient than conventional products without sacrificing performance. Recently, ...

Custom Built Homes Aren’t What They Used to Be – They’re Better!

Custom Built Homes Aren’t What They Used to Be – They’re Better! We've all driven by that house. You know the one. The custom home circa 1970 that looks as if it stepped out of a bad sitcom. You can imagine that inside, there’s a boxy, outdated floor plan - maybe even a sunken living room with shag carpet! The fact is that today’s custom homes are better designed, more visually appealing, and more soundly built than homes built just a few decades ago. Think about the major changes that have occurred in just the past 10 years – with flat screen TVs in every room, ...

Creative Remodeling – Value in Hidden Spaces

After What do you do when you simply don’t have the space to store your most treasured items? Why, you create the storage space, of course! We all know that storage space is at a premium in many older houses, where small closets, tiny pantries and undersized garages can leave homeowners heading for the nearest mini storage facility just to control the chaos. Yet even recently built homes with graciously sized rooms may lack the right kind of storage space for your family’s specific needs. One project we recently completed is a perfect illustration of the ...