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Need to Vent? Then Why Not Choose a Better and Safer Way?

Aesthetically pleasing dryer wall vent saves on energy costs and looks great In the past, it’s been true that no matter how thoughtfully planned and well-executed, there are certain elements of a new custom-built home or home remodeling project that unfortunately, leave a little to be desired aesthetically. Take the humble- and visually challenging - dryer vent. Yes, it serves its purpose fairly well; it vents gas dryer gases and heated moist air out and generally keeps larger critters from calling your house their home. But let’s be honest - they just look ugly. Brittle plastics fade and crack in our Charlotte sun, while exposed metal versions get crushed the first time an errant football or tree branch hits them. That’s ... Continue reading this article →

Green Up Your Bathroom Remod...

Green bathroom remodeling - charlotte, nc remodeling contractors

It seems that everywhere you turn, people are talking about going green. One incredibly simple yet often overlooked way to be kind to the environment is to literally invite it indoors by bringing plants into ... Read more of this article →

Keyed in to Home Security

SchlageSense biometric front door lock for home security

Wouldn’t it be great if your home was as easy to access as your car? If you didn’t have to dig in your purse or pocket to retrieve your keys and then fidget with the lock as you juggle the groceries in your other hand? ... Read more of this article →

7 Ways to Keep Up Appearances

After picture of a small kitchen renovation done by Charlotte renovation company Once you’ve lived in your home for a few years, it’s easy to become complacent. That initial thrill of leaving your mark on your new residence tends to fade over time, and life has a way of getting too busy to take on those large home remodeling projects or even small home renovation projects. But as warmer weather brings out home shoppers, it’s the perfect opportunity to assess how your home stacks up to the competition. Even if you are not planning on moving soon, making certain that your home doesn’t fall too far behind ...

The Root of the Problem

Dead tree landscaping contractor for outdoor living spaces in Charlotte, NC While we know that trees are part of our living world, we often don’t think of them as organisms that can get sick – until it’s too late. Another surprise to most homeowners is that it’s actually rare to find a completely disease-free tree. That’s because there are so many organisms – some microscopic and others quite large – that live on and around these landscape staples. But how can you tell if the trees in your yard are merely fighting off a literal bug or pose a real hazard to your family’s safety? ...

Bring Home Inspiration from HomeArama

Top HomeArama Design Tips For Charlotte, NC Homeowners We thoroughly enjoyed exploring the four beautifully crafted homes decked out by talented designers during the 2015 HomeArama at Cheval. Our main takeaway from the event is some sound advice for our clients: You don’t have to purchase a new house to enjoy cutting-edge trends and inspired design ideas. In fact, if you have a home with good bones in a neighborhood you love, why not remodel? Here are some of the trends we saw – and some advice on what not to do - that you can easily incorporate into your remodeling ...