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Aging in Place Essentials for The Bathroom

Aging in place bathroom cabinet with programmable night light by Robern Did you know that every year, one-third of all adults over the age of 65 will experience a fall, and 2.5 million of them will visit an emergency room as a result of that incident? While it’s impossible to prevent every accident, the way you design your home and the remodeling or renovation projects you undertake can play an essential role in making your home safer for you and more desirable for Baby Boomers who may want to purchase it in the future. According to the June issue of Remodeling magazine, one of the most desirable features Baby Boomers look for in homes is a full bath on the first ... Continue reading this article →

10 Ways to Use Wood Tiles

Charlotte, NC floor tiles - home improvement specialists

Do you love the look of a wood floor but have some places in your home where wood just wouldn’t work? Fortunately, savvy manufacturers have answered this age-old dilemma with a new-age product: wood-look porcelain tiles. Although they’ve been on the scene for a few years, recent refinements in colors, ... Read more of this article →

Top 10 Ways to Deck Out Your...

Belgard Hardscapes Charlotte NC patio builders

As the weather gets warmer, Charlotteans naturally seem to gravitate toward the outdoors. As we dust off the remnants of winter and look around, we’re seeing much that we can improve right in ... Read more of this article →

Time to Improve Your View With New Windows

New Windows - Install New Bay Windows with Charlotte, NC Home Improvement ContractorOver the past few years, many Charlotte folks have been putting bandages on minor home repair issues to get them by until their personal economies recovered. We’re finding that one area where homeowners are definitely looking to improve their outlook is their windows. That’s because many older Charlotte homes have windows that are simply inefficient. In the latest cold snap, many homeowners could feel the cold air pouring in through cracks in frames and weaknesses in aging caulk. When that happens, you are allowing cold air in winter and hot air in summer to seep ...

What Do Spring Bathroom Remodels Bring? New Showers!

Digital Shower Temperature Master Bathroom Renovation Contractor in Charlotte NCTwo surveys recently came out that reaffirmed what many homeowners considering a bathroom remodel probably know – renovated showers are hot. Why? Economics is one reason. The average person spends 8.2 minutes in the shower each day, according to The Alliance for the Water Efficiency’s Home Water Works Survey. Older showerheads use as much as 4 gallons a minute, while new more-efficient models use less than 2.5 gallons. That’s an average savings of more than 12 gallons per shower – or nearly 4,379 gallons a year for a single person taking one shower each day. ...

Let the Sun Shine in – and Keep Pollen Out

Beautiful New Sunroom Built in Charlotte NCScreened porches are wonderful at bringing the outdoors in, yet sometimes, they do their jobs a little too well. That’s particularly evident during springtime in the Carolinas, when green pollen covers just about everything that doesn’t move. It’s a problem that is particularly pertinent to those suffering from allergies, who view spring with dread. Likewise, homeowners often find that they can’t utilize that valuable space for a good portion of the year, as screened porches sit unused due to chilly weather from late fall until early spring. This natural desire to bring beautiful ...