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Bathroom Remodeling – When Doing It Yourself Proves Too Costly

shower under constructionWhen it comes to DIY projects, we happen to be big fans. There are lots of talented folks out there with the technical knowledge and hands-on skill necessary to make many small home improvement projects turn out beautifully. However, there are also some home renovation and home remodeling projects that are better left to professionals. Unquestionably, bathroom remodeling is one those DIY no go zones. Why? Because so much of a bathroom remodel project is hidden behind the walls in the planning, demolition and rebuilding phases of your project. From a design perspective, there’s far more to a functional bathroom ... Continue reading this article →

Building Up Children

Child participating in Home Depot activities

If you have children, you know firsthand how much they love to help and how they can be all-to-eager to tackle projects that are far beyond their years and skill level. One national company has found a great ... Read more of this article →

Post Holiday Home Hangovers

stairway from foyer to main level

Now that the holidays and Super Bowl parties are over, the last decorations have been tucked away, and the final houseguest is safely back home, you have time to re-evaluate your playbook and determine whether your home’s holiday performance was on your naughty or nice ... Read more of this article →

Luxurious New Furnishings for Owner’s Baths

Image of a bathroom remodel using Kohler custom bathroom vanity It’s a haven of luxury. A place where you can retreat from the rest of the world. Whether you’re planning a complete bathroom remodel, a more minor bath renovation, or building a new bathroom from scratch in a custom home, the owner’s bath remains the one place where elegance is always in style. While homeowners’ desire for opulence remains constant, the way that many are defining luxury is evolving. Just consider changes in vanities. Not so long along, a luxurious vanity was defined as a dual sink cabinet that was high in style – but ...

Quartz Surfaces Shine for Kitchen Remodeling

Charlotte kitchen remodeling, kitchen renovations Charlotte, NC If you’re planning a major kitchen remodeling project – or even a more minor kitchen renovation – one of the top items on your list is likely to be the countertops that will cap off your project. While granite continues to be a solid choice for kitchen remodeling, one surface that is gaining an edge with homeowners and kitchen remodelers alike is quartz. Quartz countertops, however, actually fall into three very different categories; here’s a look at each. What most people think of when you mention quartz countertops are the durable and beautiful manufactured ...

Wet Winter Blues? Home Repair Solutions To Prevent You From Seeing Red

Door Frame damage from lack of roof flashing in Stone Veneer in Charlotte, NCIn the Carolina's, we’re experiencing the perfect storm to create home repair issues. Last year’s wet snowy winter was followed by an unseasonably rainy spring and summer. This fall and winter are forecast to be even more extreme. What does all of this moisture do to your home? If not properly addressed, it can escalate minor home repair issues into major home maintenance problems. Here’s why. When water finds a way to get under your home’s skin – either through dried out caulk, rotted sills, damaged window or door framing, exposed seams, or more ...