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Wet Winter Blues? Home Repair Solutions To Prevent You From Seeing Red

Door Frame damage from lack of roof flashing in Stone Veneer in Charlotte, NCIn the Carolina's, we’re experiencing the perfect storm to create home repair issues. Last year’s wet snowy winter was followed by an unseasonably rainy spring and summer. This fall and winter are forecast to be even more extreme. What does all of this moisture do to your home? If not properly addressed, it can escalate minor home repair issues into major home maintenance problems. Here’s why. When water finds a way to get under your home’s skin – either through dried out caulk, rotted sills, damaged window or door framing, exposed seams, or more – it can not only damage your home’s exterior; it can also seep into your ... Continue reading this article →

Hands Off! Touchless Technol...

Kohler's Cimarron Touchless toilet with a Brevia toilet seat is ideal for more traditional decor styles.

It’s time we talked about a dirty little secret– bathroom germs. No matter how clean and neat you keep your home, the bathroom is one place that many of us simply fear to touch. Fortunately, whether you are planning an extensive bathroom remodel, a minor bathroom renovation ... Read more of this article →

Shades of Gray in Kitchen Re...

Charlotte kitchen remodeling

When it comes to kitchen remodeling projects, gray is definitely the new white. This classic neutral that recently has seen a huge uptick in popularity as both a wall color and upholstery option in custom home design has finally made its way into ... Read more of this article →

Mix it Up! Surface News for Kitchen Remodeling

Kitchen remodeling and renovations in Charlotte, NC Few items set the tone for your kitchen remodeling project like the countertops you choose. Why? Countertops are one of the largest items you will select in the course of a major kitchen remodeling project. They are also one of the first things visitors see and the item that you and your family literally touch the most as you live in your kitchen every day. If your budget dictates a more minor kitchen renovation, stylish new countertops are a dramatic and cost-effective way to freshen the look of a dated kitchen. So ...

Shopping for a Home? Don’t Forget Your Remodeler!

Charlotte home remodeling and renovations You’ve finally found a home for sale in that neighborhood you’ve always wanted to live in. It’s close to your job, your children’s schools, your church and all of your favorite haunts.  When you walk through the house, however, you just don’t feel at home. Perhaps the kitchen is too small, the floor plan is too boxy, or you just need more space. Should you walk right back out? We always recommend that before you back away from a house that is ...

What’s My Role? How Clients Impact Their Projects

Planning a custom built home It’s a dirty little secret that few professional contractors are eager or even willing to address. Yet it’s almost universally true that no matter how honed our skills, how extensive our training, how broad our education, or how substantial our expertise, one of the most important pieces of your home remodeling, home renovation or new home construction project is simply beyond our control - because that vital piece is you! If you begin your project with the right attitude, the correct perspective and with an open mind, you stand a ...