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Check These Items Off Your Holiday Repair List

Check These Items Off Your Holiday Repair ListWe all have lists of items that we need to get done for the holidays, from buying and wrapping gifts to baking cookies and sending cards. In the midst of the holiday rush, don’t neglect to do some basic repairs – or call in a trusted company experienced with home repairs – before the weather turns colder and company arrives at your door. Here are a few things you might want to cross off your list before the holiday rush: Seal it up. Caulking and/or applying silicone as needed around windows and doors is a ... Continue reading this article →

Cooking Up a Change

Buying tips for kitchen appliances

If the thought of holiday entertaining – and the food preparation that goes along with it – has you looking at your appliances with a combination of fear and disdain, there’s still time to make a change. The holidays are actually a great time to purchase major appliances. New appliances ... Read more of this article →

When Remodeling, the Future ...

Home remodeling companies in Charlotte, NC

The last thing that you want to worry about when you are tackling a kitchen, bathroom or whole home remodeling or renovation project is having to redo it in a few years. Yet the experts tell us that if you don’t make ... Read more of this article →

Barn Doors Add Stylish Versatility

Interior Sliding Barn Doors Close the door; do you live in a barn? If you’re of a certain age, you inevitably heard this very rhetorical question, usually screamed across the house by your mom or grandma, more than once over the course of your childhood. Back then, the idea of living in a barn was taboo. Today however, homeowners have embraced at least one aspect of rural life: the once-humble barn door. Sure, these sliding door systems have come a long way from their purely functional agrarian roots. Virtually any type or style of door that is hung from ...

Minor Repairs are in Major Demand

Before and after picture of portico renovation in Charlotte, NCYou’ve surely heard the saying that you should not put off until tomorrow what you can get done today. More Charlotte area homeowners are starting to embrace that philosophy when it comes to both major home remodeling projects and minor home repairs. Why? Personal economic improvements and the age of local homes are two major factors. According to Gallup's 2015 "Mood of the Nation" poll, 84 percent of respondents said they are satisfied with their overall quality of life, while nearly half were happy about the economy. That personal economic security is ...

Need to Vent? Then Why Not Choose a Better and Safer Way?

Aesthetically pleasing dryer wall vent saves on energy costs and looks great In the past, it’s been true that no matter how thoughtfully planned and well-executed, there are certain elements of a new custom-built home or home remodeling project that unfortunately, leave a little to be desired aesthetically. Take the humble- and visually challenging - dryer vent. Yes, it serves its purpose fairly well; it vents gas dryer gases and heated moist air out and generally keeps larger critters from calling your house their home. But let’s be honest - they just look ugly. Brittle plastics fade and crack in our Charlotte sun, while exposed ...