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Convenience Features for Kitchen Remodels

  Fast food might not be the best option for your waistline, but when you are remodeling your kitchen or creating a new kitchen design plan from scratch, incorporating features that will help you get through your daily meal preparations more quickly and efficiently should always be on your menu. Appliance manufacturers are answering this need for speed by building improved functionality into their latest offerings. One of the coolest kitchen innovations we’ve seen lately is Dacor’s Distinctive Four Door French Door Refrigerator. The design begins with a sleek French Door configuration that opens wide enough to accommodate large serving trays – or a takeout pizza box. It ... Continue reading this article →

Rev Up Your Living Space

Charlotte, NC garage addition and home office ideas

One of the most cost-effective ways to gain living space in your home actually may lie just outside your back door – in a new garage. Many very nice, established Charlotte residences were built at a time when garages simply weren’t standard. Previous owners may have added a carport or ... Read more of this article →

10 Quick Spring Home Repairs

Spring Time Home Remodeling in Charlotte, NC

Note to readers: This is one of our favorite and most talked about blogs. It originally ran a year ago, but the information is so timely and so practical that we thought it was worth dusting the pollen off and bringing it back.... Read more of this article →

Investigate Before You Hire a Home Inspector

home inspector taking notesHiring a home inspector is one of the most important decisions you’ll make when you’re buying or selling a home. What they find – or fail to find – can impact purchasing decisions and your family’s finances for years to come. But how can you tell a good, professional home inspector from a poor one? Our friends at Reader’s Digest put together this helpful article based on advice from several experts in the home inspection field. It goes through ...

Don’t Blow Your Top Over Roof Repairs

Hail damage discovered by independent roofing specialist  In many parts of the country, spring showers often bring May flowers. In the Charlotte area, however, spring showers often bring hail and its resulting damage to local roofs. Before they pick up the phone to call someone to repair their roof, many homeowners know they should call their homeowners insurance company to see if the damage is covered. What all too few realize is that before they call their insurance company, they should place a call to an independent roofing specialist. One reason is that a new roof is a big deal. It’s one ...

Bathroom Remodeling – When Doing It Yourself Proves Too Costly

shower under construction When it comes to DIY projects, we happen to be big fans. There are lots of talented folks out there with the technical knowledge and hands-on skill necessary to make many small home improvement projects turn out beautifully. However, there are also some home renovation and home remodeling projects that are better left to professionals. Unquestionably, bathroom remodeling is one those DIY no go zones. Why? Because so much of a bathroom remodel project is hidden behind the walls in the planning, ...