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Investigate Before You Hire a Home Inspector

home inspector taking notesHiring a home inspector is one of the most important decisions you’ll make when you’re buying or selling a home. What they find – or fail to find – can impact purchasing decisions and your family’s finances for years to come. But how can you tell a good, professional home inspector from a poor one? Our friends at Reader’s Digest put together this helpful article based on advice from several experts in the home inspection field. It goes through 13 plus things that home inspectors won’t tell you that can help you select the ... Continue reading this article →

Don’t Blow Your Top Over R...

Hail damage discovered by independent roofing specialist

  In many parts of the country, spring showers often bring May flowers. In the Charlotte area, however, spring showers often bring hail and its resulting damage to local roofs. Before they pick up the phone to call someone to repair their roof, many homeowners know they should call their homeowners ... Read more of this article →

Bathroom Remodeling – ...

shower under construction

When it comes to DIY projects, we happen to be big fans. There are lots of talented folks out there with the technical knowledge and hands-on skill necessary to make many small ... Read more of this article →

Building Up Children

Child participating in Home Depot activities If you have children, you know firsthand how much they love to help and how they can be all-to-eager to tackle projects that are far beyond their years and skill level. One national company has found a great way to build children’s interest in construction while they are having fun. And best of all – it’s free! The Home Depot, which long has sponsored free workshops for do-it-yourselfers of all ages and experience levels, offers kids’ workshops on the first Saturday of every ...

Post Holiday Home Hangovers

stairway from foyer to main level Now that the holidays and Super Bowl parties are over, the last decorations have been tucked away, and the final houseguest is safely back home, you have time to re-evaluate your playbook and determine whether your home’s holiday performance was on your naughty or nice list. The aftermath of what tends to be our home’s most heralded time of the year provides a wonderful opportunity to realistically assess how well it functioned under the stress of a crowd and to make any necessary home renovation or home remodeling changes well ahead of the next ...

Luxurious New Furnishings for Owner’s Baths

Image of a bathroom remodel using Kohler custom bathroom vanity It’s a haven of luxury. A place where you can retreat from the rest of the world. Whether you’re planning a complete bathroom remodel, a more minor bath renovation, or building a new bathroom from scratch in a custom home, the owner’s bath remains the one place where elegance is always in style. While homeowners’ desire for opulence remains constant, the way that many are defining luxury is evolving. Just consider changes in vanities. Not so long along, a luxurious vanity was defined as a dual sink cabinet that was high in style – but ...