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Hot Items for Cool Kitchens


Dacor French Door Refrigerator

Dacor French Door Refrigerator

We all have a wish list of gadgets and gizmos that we’d love to incorporate into our kitchens. Yet even though it may keep your family supplied with tasty, homemade fries, will that wall-mounted, commercial-grade french fry cutter reap rewards when it comes to resale value? Probably not. That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t add a dash of the items you love and will regularly use when you’re planning a kitchen renovation. Remember, the value you receive from thoroughly enjoying and using your new space is something you can’t put a price on! If you’re planning on reselling soon, here are a few ingredients experts say will help your family now and help tempt future buyers.

  • French door refrigerators. With double refrigerator doors that open wide enough to accommodate large trays or pizza boxes, this style is a natural for anyone who entertains. The freezer’s bottom location makes it easier for children to access snacks and helps older residents avoid the potential to drop heavy frozen items from a height.
  • Pullout faucets. These are a perennial favorite because their flexibility eases cleanup and makes filling large pots a snap.

    After Touchless faucets

    Brizo Touchless & Pull Out Faucet

  • Touchless faucets. These models take convenience a step farther. Just like the commercial versions, you simply wave your hand underneath the faucet to turn it on. Residential models now come in a wide variety of styles to fit any décor, and except for their faint blue glow, you’d never realize they were touchless. These are ideal for people who cook a lot, because it reduces the chance of cross-contamination. They’re also convenient for those with arthritis and young children who can’t reach the handles. (A bonus is that you can set the temperature to safeguard against burns.)

    Induction Cook Top

    Electrolux 36" Induction Cooktop

  • Gas or induction cooktops. These cooktops offer many advantages for serious chefs, including precise and immediate control of heat. Induction has the added benefit of being much safer, since only the cooking vessel itself gets hot. (This virtually eliminates the danger of burns and the mess of cooked-on spills.)
  • Gas ranges. Gas ranges share many of the same benefits of gas cooktops – precise and much quicker control of temperature. They also stay cooler overall than their electric counterparts, which helps with air conditioning costs during Charlotte’s long, hot summers. Bonus: unlike their electric cousins, these ranges will function during a power outage.
    Sharp Microwave Drawer

    Sharp Microwave Drawer

  • Microwave drawers. These sleek models can be integrated into cabinetry, greatly enhancing the appearance of your kitchen. Many are lockable, so curious little fingers and children’s toys don’t end up where they’re not supposed to be. At the same time, drawer microwaves are perfectly positioned for older kids to use on their own. Their lower height also means that we grownups (and elderly residents or guests) won’t have to reach up to remove heavy or hot items.

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